Adeniyi Samson Adegbile Weds Olayemi Ojeyanju 2024 Wedding #ADEOLA2024 logo


Bridal Couple

The Chapter of Us

Meeting each other, forming lasting bond of friendship, love, and family.

The Bride

Olayemi Adijat

When they ask who my heart beat for, It's Adeniyi, My 💖

The Groom

Adeniyi Samson

I'm glad to have found Olayemi, My 💖

Cherished Moments

Our Journey of Love

From where it all sparks to a lasting union


The Chance Meeting

After years of knowing each other, the spark that lead to love ignites. We re-know each other with an end in mind.


Connection Build

Though we've known each other since childhood, we sought to establish a meaningful relationship with marriage in view.


Magical Proposal

The proposal was lovely and private and family get to know each other in December (23).


Everlasting Tale

We're set to tie the knot on March, 09, 2024 for a everlasting union.

The Groom


Today, surrounded by the warmth of our loved ones, I realize the significance of a promise made long ago. I always knew she would share my name, but it's the depth of my emotion now that takes my breath away. In the sacred union we are about to embark upon, she is not merely sharing my name; she is becoming the heart of my legacy, the keeper of my dreams.

With each step down this aisle, I am not just gaining a life partner, but a co-author of my story, a partner in building a future filled with love, laughter, and shared dreams. Today, as she walks towards me, radiating love and beauty, I can't help but marvel at the serendipity that turned my childhood friend into my life partner—my greatest love.

Joyous Beginnings

Captured Moments of Our Love

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